Commando 2 Box Office Collection Report | Upto Day 7

Commando 2 Box Office Collection | Upto Day 7 Report

Day 7

Commando 2 collected approximately around 1.2 Cr. on Day 7 (Thursday) at the box office. The overall India box office collection total at the end of first week for Commando 2 stands at ~ 20 Cr. (TF).

(Scroll down to the bottom of the post for day-wise Box Office collections breakdown)

Day 6

Commando 2 collected around 1.5 Crores (TF) at the box office on Day 6 (Wednesday).

Day 5

On Day 5 (Tuesday) Commando 2 collected an estimated 1.9 Crores (TF) at the box office, which is around 13% less than the previous day's collections. The overall box office collection of Commando 2 at the end of Day 5 stands at 17.6 Cr. India (TF).

Day 4

Commando 2 saw a drop in its box office collections on Day 4 (First Monday) and the drop was more than 55% to that of Day 3 collections (TF).

Day 3

Commando 2 showed moderate growth in collections at the box office on Day 3 (Sunday). The growth on Day 3 was around 30% to that of Day 2 and 21% to that Day 1. The overall first weekend collection for Commando 2 stands at 13.5 Cr. India (TF).

Day 2

Commando 2 on its second day at the box office failed to show any growth and saw a slight fall in its collections. Which indicates that the trend is not good for Commando 2. The film needs to perform better on Sunday (Day 3) to have a good first weekend at the BO.

On Day 1

Commando 2 took a decent opening at the Box Office on Day 1. Collections were better at single screens compared to multiplexes. As Commando 2 is an action entertainer with enough masala, the collections were always going to be better at single screens than the multiplexes, as these kind of films are more appealing to the single screen mass audience. Collections on Saturday will indicate the kind of trend for Commando 2 and will set it up for the rest of the week.

Commando 2 opened to largely negative reviews from the critics (See Commando 2 critic reviews). But if this film gets a thumbs up from the single screen audience, then it's going to perform well at the box office. Here is the detailed Box Office report of Commando 2.

Commando 2 Box Office Collection Report

Commando 2 Day-Wise Box Office Collection Breakdown

Day 1 (Friday) -
P F - 5.14 Cr.
T F - 4.3 Cr.

Day 2 - 
P F - 4.42 Cr.
T F - 4 Cr.

Day 3 - 
P F - 6.19 Cr.
T F - 5.2 Cr.

Day 4 - 
P F - 2.24 Cr.
T F - 2.2 Cr.

Day 5 - 
P F - 1.9 Cr.
T F - 1.9 Cr.

Day 6 -
P F - 1.64 Cr.
T F - 1.5 Cr.

Day 7 -
P F - 1.43 Cr.
T F - 1.2 Cr.

Overall Total - 
P F - 22.96 Cr. India
T F - 20.3 Cr. India

First Weekend Total - 
P F - 15.75 Cr. India
T F - 13.5 Cr. India

Total Screens - Around 2200 screens across India at the time of release (as claimed by the producers).

Production Cost - ~20 Cr.

P&A - ~10 Cr.

Total Expenditure - ~30 Cr.

Disclaimer: The above data is gathered from our various sources. Box Office reports and data are never accurate and we do not vouch for the authenticity of the above data. However, we make our best efforts to keep it accurate. The Box Office numbers that are presented here sufficiently point out to the box office performance of the film.

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